Flatiron School Graduation

October 21, 2016 | Web Development

1 year ago, I started teaching myself how to code.

8 months ago, I started part time at Flatiron School’s Online Web Development program.

6 months ago, I left my job as Operations Manager at a digital agency to pursue this career path full time.

3 months ago, I started my own company for website development to leverage my skills from previous job and the new ones I was learning.

This week, I officially graduated from Flatiron School and am proud to be a Full Stack Web Developer!

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Music Gear Share

A gear sharing app built with AngularJS and Rails

MusicGearShare is a Craig’s List style application where users can sign up and share their music equipment with each other, including anything ranging from instruments, accessories, sound equipment, and more. After signing up, users can search gear thats available to rent and messages each other to coordinate sharing and renting.

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