Creating a Rails application with Twilio

December 11, 2016 | Ruby

Earlier today I created a small Rails app as a test of the Twilio REST API. One of Twilio’s main features is the ability to send and reply to SMS messages. A guest post by James Jelinek on Twilio’s blog shows how incredibly easy it is to get started with Twilio (with Rails). Setup your Twilio account, follow along with the tutorial and you’ll be up and running in no time!

When you set up the app, I recommend using dotenv-rails to manage your environment variables so you don’t have to put them in plaintext in your secrets.yml file. You’ll also need to download and install ngrok, a wonderful network tunneling application that allows applications your running locally (eg a Rails server on localhost:3000) to be accessed by devices outside of your network.

Also, make sure that you use your LIVE Twilio SID and Auth Token (not the test ones) otherwise app will spit out an error regarding a invalid number.

You can view my repo of the code here.

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