Steam Upcoming gem updates

After a brief pairing section, I have made some updates to the original gem and am proud to release Version 1! Most of the changes involved refactoring the code, but I’ll list the Steam Upcoming gem updates here:

– Changed the core mechanics of the gem to develop ::Game objects as it processes information, instead of storing it in a hash and then developing the objects later
– Combined certain methods into a single, tighter method so the program uses less code
– Changed ownership of certain methods to a different class that made more sense. For example, a ::Scraper method would get the number of pages and pass that to the ::Game class, which would construct the array of page URLs. I combined this into one method, making it the ::Scraper’s responsibility to scrape and create the page URLs.
– Changed the colors for visual consistency.

Note: I did notice a small bug in the About section – the ::Scraper is including an¬†unnecessary¬†snippet of text. I’ll fix this in a later version.

Check out the repository here, or install it for yourself: gem install steam-upcoming.

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